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Patina Challenge You Say? OK...

Those of you who follow my ramblings on the internet (Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.) should know about my famous torch by now! And if you don't: Dremel Versaflame Torch + Copper = Fun!

So when I came across the Patina Sunset Challenge on Artisan Whimsy I understandably got just a little bit excited :-)

I have been playing with patina on copper by painting all kinds of copper bits with fire. Sometimes satisfied, mostly not, many times I have started again but generally its been a learning exercise that I know will do me good!

I made these bangles. They are OK... Actually they are pretty good for a first attempt but Can do better!

Then I played some more and used the same copper pipes that I used in the bangles above to make some earrings. They turned out all right. I liked the way the colours came out. And I think they should fit in well with all the horseshoes at Oakham Castle at my next show there.

Horseshoe Earrings made with copper tubes, flame painted using my Dremel Versaflame with Sterling silver ear wires. (sold but can be made to order)

I have gone fire painting mad! That's what Mr. A thinks anyway! I have a handful of Copper washers I bought from our local hardware shop Harrison and Dunn in Stamford some time ago. And I have been torching them! I used the first two washers to make a pair of earrings with copper wire and freshwater pearls. And now I have lots of flame painted washers ready for use as components in different pieces of jewellery.  

Fire painted Copper washers, copper wire and freshwater pearls earrings.

These two pairs of earrings are being entered into the Artisan Whimsy Patina Sunset Challenge. If you look at some of the amazing work by very talented and much more experienced artists than me they may not be brilliant but I want to hear the comments from the lovely artisans there. I am still learning, still experimenting and all advise gratefully accepted! 


  1. I actually like the design especially when you use green pearls for the earrings. As you said you're still learning but in time you'll create the best one.

  2. Thank you for your comment Jennifer. It is a learning process and I am sure I will create lots of new pieces and get better as I learn more :-)


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