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UK Inspiration Challenge... "Walk On..."

I came across ArtisanWhimsy on Facebook through MyBeadTherpay’s Page (I follow Heidi’s work with a passion because she has inspired me to try so many new things and its great to see how wonderfully her work has progressed in the 2 odd years we've been talking bling with each other!)

And right there on the front page of the forum was this little banner which took me to a page which said:

“Can you create a piece of jewellery or a jewellery component inspired by where the UK Blog team live?”

The choices were Dorset / Edinburgh / Bath / The Isle of Wight / Liverpool / Southampton and this is what the description said about Liverpool:
image courtesy Wikipedia
Liverpool is world-famous as the home of The Beatles, but is also well known for football, the Scouse (now there's a term for you non-Brits to look up!) sense of humour and of course, the shipping port and the River Mersey”

The description and for various other reasons Liverpool it had to be!

I did a quick poll on Facebook “Tell me one thing that suggests to you Liverpool (The city!) “
image courtesy Wikipedia
Some of the suggestions: Liver birds; The Beatles / The Cavern Club / Cilla Black / The Mersey;  a beetle brooch in Liverpool colours of red and white,  the cormorant bird as seen on Liverpool's Coat of Arms, or the Liver Bird as seen on top of the Liver Building. There's also the famous Liver Clock; and… Something to do with music?

World famous home of the Beatles yes but as my friend Michala said something to do with music?

There is more to music from Liverpool than just the Beatles you know, and there is Football and there is the River Mersey. (And there is also Mr. A but that will be a story for another day)

So I chose a song sung by “Gerry and the Pacemakers” who also sang a song about the Mersey.  Tenuous link but a link nevertheless :-)
image courtesy Wikipedia
Ok so this song is not a Gerry and the Pacemakers Original. It is a song from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel. Gerry & the Pacemakers released their version in 1963. And what a beautiful version it is too! The song was adopted by Liverpool Football Club as their anthem and is known worldwide especially to the football family! The words feature on the club crest and on the formidable Shankly Gate at Anfield (the home of Liverpool Football Club). The song has since, in my opinion, become the most important part of Liverpool Football Club for reasons beyond football. 

The Jewellery:

It was a messy affair at my work board for a week or so...

I had been toying with the idea of making name or initial bracelets and pendants for a while and had only recently started writing letters and words in wire to make components for an idea... Then I saw this challenge so the names will have to wait. I used the wire letters to make a necklace which simply says

I wrote each letter in wire individually, hammered the wire and joined the letters with some more wire. Because Liverpool Football Club is a part of this necklace a bit of Red (Coral Beads) was essential of course! And my trademark swirls just have to be a part of my wire work!

It’s up to you to decide whether this piece of jewellery is a tribute to the Football Club (I am a fan) or to music from Merseyside. For me it is just something I have always associated with “Liverpool” and which in recent times especially has been an inspirational song because of that one very important word that we all often build on “Hope”.

"Walk on.. Walk on... with hope in your heart
and you'll never walk alone"

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I think I am keeping this...


  1. What a fantastic idea, that looks fabulous! I can imagine all sorts of things using this style, but you've really got Scouse! :)

  2. I love your copper and red necklace! The pendant is a cool idea, I really like how you spelled out You'll Never Walk Alone, awesome!

  3. Thank you Caroline, Therese. I had so much fun making it :-) I guess being a football fan and a fan of LFC helps.

  4. This is absolutely amazing. Your wire work is so original and creative. What a fabulous take on the challenge. That is such a great message too - "You will never walk alone." Great job!

  5. That is really lovely work Shalini! That song always sends tingles up my spine, so it's lovely to see it used as insiration! Thank you for taking part in our challenge!

    1. Thank you Jo. I really enjoyed making this. Thank you for such a fabulous challenge!

  6. A Liverpool anthem if ever there was one and you've it for your inspiration very creatively - great work and thanks for taking part.

    1. To me this song has meant Liverpool for almost as long as the Beatles have Lesley :-)

  7. As a Liverpool fan I can safely say HOPE is the watchword this season! :(

    I must have this pendant! YNWA x

  8. OMGosh -- I was so shocked to see a mention of me when I came to see this post this morning! You are too kind!! XOXO

    I loved reading your story about Liverpool, the music and the football inspiration behind your piece! You are going to have people begging for you to make one for them, too. Your design is not only pretty, but you can see the enthusiasm built into it! Great job!!

    1. I mean every word of it Heidi. Your support has been immense! :-)

      Thank you for your lovely comments here and on Facebook.

  9. Now that is some amazing wirework!

    1. You are so kind :-) Thank you Kashmira.

  10. This is so wonderfully creative--both your design and the finished piece! Those letters in wirework is genius and beautiful!

  11. What an imaginative piece! Wow! Thank you so much for choosing my home town, fabulous entry!

    1. Thank you :-)

      I have many Liverpool connections (not just the football club I support) and it was always going to be your city. Plus as a child growing up in India after London one always thought Liverpool if talking about England.

      I really must visit Liverpool soon and explore it properly.

  12. This looks great - nice use of both the colour RED and YNWA, my friend.

    I am sure any of our Red ladies would be pleased and proud to wear such a nice and meaningful piece. Perhaps you can make a really large on to take pride of place on our Liverbird?

    1. Thank Michael :-) I really enjoyed making it.

      First I need to make a Liverbird pendant as our mutual friend wants to see one :-) Then we see how we move on from there...


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