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In my Etsy Shop: Indian & Copper Beaded Bracelet

Indian Agate Bracelet with Antique Finish Copper Wire, Semi-precious Handcrafted Elegant Beaded BraceletBuy Online:Copper Wire-work bracelet with beautiful 8mm Indian Agate beads in beautiful green with gorgeous natural markings.
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'Lunar' Air Chased Copper Cuff

Rustic Wide Copper Cuff 'Lunar' £48.00 plus shipping Only 1 available This is truly a unique statement piece suitable for men and women. Each of these bracelets will be a one off!

Cuff Width is 4 cm (approx 1.6 inches) at its narrowest point and 6 cm (approx. 2.4 inches) at its widest, on the ends. The Copper cuff is a standard fit at approximately 6.5 inches. View in my Etsy Shop

On Etsy: Antique Finish Copper & Fluorite Beads Bracelet

Fluorite & Copper Bracelet, Handcrafted in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Copper Wire-work bracelet with beautiful 8-10 mm cube Fluorite beads in beautiful mixed shades of purple & aquamarine. View Details

Indian Agate Disc Beads Bracelet with Antique Finish Copper Wire

Indian Agate Disc Beads Bracelet with Antique Finish Copper Wire: Copper Wire bracelet with beautiful Indian Agate disc beads in rich shades of green. Some beads have natural markings and most are translucent.

Copper Wire Hand-crafted Flower Bracelet

Flower Design Copper Bracelet: Copper-Silver, Handcrafted in Stamford, Lincolnshire listed in my Etsy Shop

On Etsy: Unisex Copper Cuff made from Upcycled Pipe

One-Off Upcycled Cuff Bracelet Individually Crafted from Copper Pipe, Handcrafted in Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK

This cuffs has been hand forged from a piece of recycled copper pipe that I was given by a neighbour when they were getting their kitchen refitted.

View Details and buy online in my Etsy Shop

One-Off Copper Pendant with Carnelian Beads Necklace

One-Off Copper Pendant with Carnelian Beads Necklace: One off Carnelian & Copper Necklace with a textured Copper Pendant.

I fold formed copper sheet then gave it a few beds, domes and curves giving the pendant a 3D feel. The sculpture was then brazed to a piece of copper blank to create a bail and give the piece a smooth back that is smooth against the skin.