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Copper Leaf Water Feature

My first attempt at making a water feature :-)

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Work in Progress: Annealing Copper Wire

Artists Market at Stamford Arts Centre - a-n The Artists Information Company

Artists Market at Stamford Arts Centre - a-n The Artists Information Company: Artist Market Organised by ESCartists showcasing the work of various creative designers. Free Entry!

Beaten Copper Bowl: Flame Painted

In My Online Shop - Beaten Copper Bowl: Flame Painted

My handcrafted copper bowls and trays are great for tea-lights, candles, incense sticks, pot-pourri or just as a decorative display piece on your coffee / side table.

This round copper bowl is handmade from pure sheet copper and each piece is a one off. This piece has been given some colour using a propane torch - this is what we call a flame painted patina.

'Marigold' Enamelled Copper Earrings

Buy Online: 'Marigold' Enamelled Copper Earrings

Colourful Enamelled Copper Earrings with Sterling Silver EarwiresColourful Triangles. Enamelled Copper Earrings coloured using bright orange, red and yellow Efcolor resin powder  and given an antique finish.

Embossed Copper Twirl Earrings

Embossed Copper Twirl Earrings: Antique finish elegant copper twirl earrings embossed with a zig-zag pattern.

Earrings drop is approximately 4.5 cm from top of the ear-wire. The handcrafted Ear-wires are Sterling Silver.

'Floral' Embossed Copper Earrings

Antique finish elegant, long copper earrings (7.5 cm)The pattern has been printed on copper sheet using a rolling mill. I used a sticker to create the pattern to roll with copper sheet to get this gorgeous pattern.

Buy Online: 'Floral' Embossed Copper Earrings