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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Beadsoup Update: M is The Word!

So my beadsoup is on its way and this is what it looks like!
I am impatient and this is driving me Mad. Hurry Up Mail!

Introducing my Bead Soup Partner Susan from Ottawa. Susan makes jewellery for fun, to wear herself or give as gifts. She likes working with copper, fibre and artisan beads. She also makes all kind of lovely crafty things in lots of different media and she can sew & knit! RESPECT! My "difficult" relationship with fabric, yarn and thread is no secret! I can just about manage fluff and felt!

We have been chatting on email and Susan is lovely. Plus she has a dog so we are definitely going to be friends :-) Susan also has a 12 year old boy, hence M is the word!

Susan makes beautiful jewellery.
One of Susan's pieces from last year's party made from beads her partner Marina sent her. 
And this necklace that she made for another blogging challenge is

I am really looking forward to seeing what Susan creates from the soup I have sent her. She might need to put her sunglasses on when she opens the package as it is a bit bright... But after the long winter they have had in Canada I reckon this selection of spring colours will make her smile :-)

A BIG thank you once again to the very lovely Lori and her very supportive family and friends who made this year's party possible. Lori has not been well at all. And many would have probably said, Let's take a break from BSBP this year. Not Lori. She has been typing away from her sick bed, matching up partners all over the world and fighting with spreadsheets.
Get well soon Lori, you really are a very special lady xx

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