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#DHLchain Crafty Blogger Challenge: Don't Call Me Cute!

Or else...

This fluffy pink tail is really a lethal weapon!

I mentioned last week that I had signed up for another creative challenge and was sent an adorable bunny by Vintage Magpie Bears as my inspiration.
"The aim of this campaign is for you to share your creative craft skills with another craft blogger, by creating an item for them and sending it via a prepaid DHL courier box."
So when Nicky sent me this little chap I thought wire sculpture instead of a piece of jewellery would do this "cute" creature justice. Out came the aluminium wire I have used before for trees and the Wire Sculpture Fairy I made in July. Aluminium wire is not very good for most of my jewellery but the qualities that don't work for jewellery are ideal for sculptures! Its so soft and manageable that I can bend, wind and wrap it in so many different ways.

This Rabbit (Or if you think he looks more like a hare then Hare) was wrapped free hand. I had no template from a previous sculpture because I have never made a rabbit before. I just had a couple of pictures on a screen in front of me to make sure I was creating a bunny and not inventing a whole new species!

Once his body was ready the tail was a bit of a dilemma. I made one with wire but it just didn't look right. Too boring! I have been playing with felt beads recently for brooches and earrings and recently treated myself to a felt bead making kit from Eve Marshall. So this new skill came in handy and he got himself a fluffy felted tail. And it just had to be shocking pink!

He still looked a bit lost. So I gave him his own little piece of rock with enough grass to keep him content. Its a piece of flint collected during our travels and he is perched on it quite comfortably don't you think?

Yesterday a lovely man from came to collect him and he is now off to live with crochet artist Izabela Motyl and inspire her to create something for the next blogger in the Chinese Whispers chain.

I have not given him a name. I will let his new adopted family think of one. Just remember Izabela, every time you look at him this is what he is thinking..

So whatever you name him, DON'T CALL HIM CUTE!

This has been a lot of fun and I would like to thank Dan for inviting me to take part in this challenge. And thank you DHL and Hobby Craft for the vouchers which I am looking forward to spending on my next trip to  Peterborough (That's where the nearest HobbyCraft Store is).


  1. Wow, you did an awesome job for the challenge. I'm sure your partner is going to love him/her.

    1. Thanks Dolores, He has turned out rather nice :-) I do hope my blog chain partner likes him.
      Guess I should make another one...

  2. Hi Shalini, thank you for the pretty bunny that arrived today, i didn't give him any name yet, because i might tell my children to do it. He is sitting now on a VIP section on my bookcase waiting for Easter when he will be the centre of attention :).

    1. Really pleased you like him Izabela :-) Hope the kids will have fun naming him and he gives them lots of pleasure at Easter.


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