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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Something For My Personal Jewellery Collection...

Its a really busy time of the year at the moment. I am  working on bespoke orders for Christmas presents, there are Craft Shows every week-end, I am making new stock to sell at the shows and I have to make sure that all the guild events publicity is happening as scheduled. This means I have no spare time at least until 10 December!

So I decided to do another Artisan Whimsy Challenge, "Berries and Leaves"... Yes I know I just said its a very busy time...

But challenges are fun! There is always the hope that I might win something, but more than that its thinking of new ideas and making something different to what I have done before that really excites me. Its a "Me" exercise really  A little bit of time invested in me and to pamper my ego. Self indulgent... yes. Even a bit vain... of course! Well its high time I did!

I am reading a Terry Pratchet book at the moment and this statement by a character called Malicia  really struck a chord
"If you don't turn your life into a story, you become a part of someone else's story."
And I am determined I am going to find time to do more things for my story.

That's why I made the "You'll never Walk Alone" Necklace as part of the UK Inspiration Challenge from Artisan Whimsy and it's mine! So why not a pair of earrings to go with it?

Copper wire shaped as leaves, gently hammered and a few round coral beads for the berries
Now that I have short hair again big earrings are back in fashion in my world :-) And these are quite long, approx 2.2 inches and they look great with the necklace.

I made the necklace and the earrings to please myself. I will use what I learned from the exercise to create more jewellery to sell and for custom orders of course but this is something for my personal collection! Its my own special bespoke piece for my Happy Birthday.

From me, To me

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