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BSBP and Iritis Update

So the 8th Beadsoup Blog Party International Partners have been announced. Our hostess is US based so I am "international" from her location :-) In the next few days I am hoping to get to know my partner.

Meanwhile a disaster (for me it is!). Iritis is back and this time it is in BOTH Eyes. Bugger! This is not good as I only got the all clear on 11th Feb! I feel really down and defeated at the moment because I am letting my clients down and I am letting my businesses down. I am writing this post through a haze... or better description is probably looking through a waterfall. I can barely make out what I am typing even through the browser is set to 250%. And in a few minutes I have to use the dilating eye drops again and then even this will not be possible!

I am not asking anyone to feel sorry for me (I can do a very good job of doing that all by myself!) but it does mean all these fancy plans of learning new skills and trying new ideas that I have talked about in the past are on hold once again! All those metalsmithing and soldering tutorials I invested in for my birthday last November will continue to gather dust for a bit longer. BAH!

This time I have been given a different medication regime so after 4-5 days the nasty drops that blur vision will stop and I should be able to make some things again as long as I don't put too much strain on my eyes. But Lapidary, torch etc. will probably be on hold again as they have been since November. Good job I am mainly a wire worker and there are some things I can do with my eyes (almost) closed!

Its not the end of the world, I did participate in a very successful Exhibition through it, but it is a setback I did not need :-( 


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