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Beadsoup Blog Party: Reveal Date Postponed to 10 May

Beadsoup Blog Party Reveal Date has been postponed by one week to 10 May. Our hostess Lori has been very unwell and its more important that she gets herself better first!

Not the kind of photos you normally
expect to see shared on this blog but this
is what I have been  working with since
November instead of pliers, beads,
wire and gemstones...
Personally this postponement suits me.

As you know I have not been able to work for almost 3 months due to the stupid Iritis! There have been several ups and downs on that saga since I last blogged about it including a visit to A&E due to acute eye pain and very high eye pressure! The good news is that the Iritis inflammation has finally gone and eye pressure is back to normal. The bad news is that the medication has to continue until 13 May so vision will stay slightly blurred until then. But I was able to get back to doing some work. Nothing fancy, just basic wire work and some fights with cords and ribbons.

Susan also sent me a very pretty handmade card which says
 "Enjoy Today"
Well I have taken that advise on board and I have certainly been
enjoying every day since I got the all clear and I am having fun
with beads :-)
My beadsoup partner Susan sent such lovely beads. I managed to make 2 pieces in time for the original reveal date (today) but this extra week means I should be able to use some more of my soup ingredients and make more bling!

It has been nice to get back to some making after such a long lay-off and hopefully it won't be long before I can get back to all those soldering tutorials and other new skills I was teaching myself.

There is so much I want to learn and try!


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