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Life Slowly getting back to "Normal"

... well as normal as it can possibly be with 3 lots of steroid eye drops, plus a gooey ointment in both eyes daily and some of the blurriness that is a result of it...

This picture is a fair indication of what my
vision has been like at times in recent weeks! 
Had a little tidy-up of the work bench over the week-end and I made some beads for my beadsoup partner yesterday. Hopefully they will be dry today and then I can match up a few more ingredients and get this in the post this week to Ottawa, Canada where my new BSBP partner Susan lives. The Focal piece and matching beads were ready a while ago but I decided to add something different to the mix too.

And NO I am not telling you what beads I made just yet! :-P

More about Susan in the next blog post...

And I have started playing with some beautiful beach glass a client gave me sometime ago.
+ The new lot of St Helena Rock
+ A Wire and Felt Peacock project I am working on with my friend Eve.
+ Don't get me started!


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