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#DHLchain Crafty Blogger Challenge: My inspiration

So I signed up for another craft challenge...

This time its a little different because its not just jewellery makers but all crafty people. Back in August I received an email from someone called Dan asking if I wanted to be part of DHL Crafty Blogger Challenge.

This is the challenge:

"The aim of this campaign is for you to share your creative craft skills with another craft blogger, by creating an item for them and sending it via a prepaid DHL courier box."

OK... Another challenge... Yeah of course I want to be part of it!

So they sent me a DHL box with all the instructions and Hobby Craft Vouchers as a thank you for taking part. Now I am not a regular at Hobby craft but I do like to browse and pick up bits from there on and off, especially when working on packaging ideas, so this is VERY welcome. Thank you

Then I had to wait for my item to arrive from Vintage Magpie Bears which would be my inspiration and theme for the item I have to make for the next blogger in the "Chinese Whisper Chain"

My creative piece from Vintage Magpie Bears has now arrived. And it says "Don't Call me Cute..." (That's the theme I have to follow to make my piece!)

Don't call me Cute? Really? How can you not call this cute?

And now I have to make something for supremely talented crochet artist Izabela Motyl.

Thanks Dan! How did you know that I can't sew, knit, crochet? And went on to pair me with people who are so good at these skills?

Anyway... Watch this space people and hopefully I will be able to make something that will do justice to this very CUTE bunny :-)


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