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Stamford Lapidary Workshop Creating Beautiful Cabochons | Jewellery By Shalini

Craft Shows Calendar

Craft Fairs, Shows and Markets Where You Can Meet me & occasionally Mr. A too!:

I don’t have a showroom (yet!) but you can meet me at various local craft fairs and hand-made markets in Stamford and surrounding areas. I have updated the Craft Calendar on my website. You can have a look via the link above :-)

This little one has been helping me sort out all the jewellery and packaging for the fairs too! If I forget to take something important I blame it on Millie in advance!

Scary Post From Exactly 1 Year Ago...

Go Slow | Jewellery By Shalini:

I wrote this on 25 May 2011:
At the moment my adventures in jewellery making are on a go slow and its not very nice. For about  a month now I have been suffering from blurred vision on and off.  Some days I can see clearly but some days the vision is completely blurred. Been to the optician – nothing wrong with eye sight. Had a whole lot of blood tests including for diabetes. All Fine. I have now been referred to the eye clinic & Fingers Crossed they will know what’s wrong. So there are days (and quite a lot of them!) when there is no way I can make any jewellery because everything is blurred. I can do some work on the computer because it can be set to large size reading option but I am reluctant to try close work or take on any repair jobs at the moment. The last repair job was delayed so much because of vision problems.  The customer was really sweet and understanding about it and it has finally been completed but that’s not how I work and I felt …

Jewellery By Shalini Pinterest Tab on Facebook

Do you know about Craft Blog UK? Well if you had not heard of it before now you know. You should have a look! Its an excellent resource of blogging tips, social media tutorials and fabulous craft links.

This morning there was a really easy to use tutorial on How to Install a Pinterest Tab on Facebook

Brilliant pictures explaining what to do. So I did!

Have a look via this link! Jewellery By Shalini:

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Another Shout Out For Twitter!

Today I met someone else who I have been talking with for a few months on twitter - Andy Deighton from the Events and Fundraising team of local charity St Barnabas Hospice ( @StBarnabasLinc on twitter). The charity ploughs all the funds it raises back into helping Lincolnshire.

It was a very pleasant meeting and some interesting ideas discussed. Always nice to put a face to name :-)

Read more about St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice  on their website.

And can I just add that we met at the Stamford Arts Centre, a great venue for one to one and group meetings. They serve up a nice mug of coffee at the Arts Centre Coffee Shop too.

Jewellery By Shalini at Spring Craft Fair, Stamford Arts Centre

YES! It's almost here :-)

Stamford... where it all started. Where I did my first craft fair, where I organised my first craft fair in December 2009 and where I like doing as many craft shows as possible!

Hope to see you all there!

Some new wire fun pieces I will be putting out for the very first time!

13 May Spring Fair: Stamford Arts Centre | Stamford Artisans Guild

Getting Excited! The First Stamford Craft Event of the year is almost here :-)

View the link below to get an idea of the fabulous range of crafts on display & available to buy.

AND you can meet the talented people who make these beautiful things! There will be no bought in or imported items!

13 May Spring Fair at Stamford Arts Centre | Stamford Artisans Guild:

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