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Wire Sculptures and Trees

It's been a cold winter and Dave and I found it a bit difficult to go out into the Lapidary Workshop. One, it was a bit (well a lot!) cold out there and two, part of the workshop was used as storage area for the extra wood we acquired to keep the open fire going through the cold weather.

After all the excitement of the Christmas Market was over we felt a little lost. The workshop was too cold and the television was boring. So Dave went looking for ideas on what else we could do. Everyone knows about my obsession with wire :-) and we always have plenty in the house. And thanks to my friend Amanda from Greensleaves Florist I had some lovely coloured craft wire as well! Dave had been making a few simple Gem trees with wire and Tumblestones and he found this fantastic website about Beaded and Wire Tree Sculptures

End result... we are now having so much fun making Wire Tree Sculptures of different types. I have added the first few wire creations we have made to the Jewellery By Shalini Online Showroom and some are on display at Greensleaves Florist at the Stamford Garden Centre as well.


  1. Your wire sculpture is really coming along.

  2. Thanks :-) We are having so much fun creating them!


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