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Drowning In Labradorite....

All right so I have only "borrowed" these images from Dave's webpage but they are too nice not to share!


  1. Really gorgeous photos Shalini. The irridescence show so well.

    Great pics of a truly beautiful stone which prompted mne to find out more about Labradorite. I thought it was Quartz family but see that it is a varety of Feldspar.

  2. Thanks Sunset :-)

    I have really fallen in love with this stone. Its amazing what nature creates! Our specimens are all from Madagascar.

    Yes its from the Feldspar family. One can feel the difference when cutting and polishing it, its a lot softer than Quartz but polishes just as nicely!

  3. Wonderful photos. You've captured the glow perfectly.

  4. Thanks for sharing these magnificent pics. Kudos to the photographer.

  5. Thank you Sharon :-)

    I have passed on your message to Dave who took the photos.

  6. There is a lot more of this Labradorite to come, we have just finished cutting and polishing another 14 cabochons - watch this space

    The cutter

  7. Hi Sharon, thankyou for your kind comments regarding the pictures, this rock can be almost as difficult to photograph as it can be to cut, you just have to get the orientation right, thats the fun part!

    Best regards



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