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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Soup's On! And its Tasty!

Actually it is Delicious!

Just have a look at what my Beadsoup partner Susan has sent me! M is the word... MAGNIFICENT!

It is an amazing selection of beads, ribbons & cords and not one, not two but FOUR different Focal pieces to play with. The hand-etched copper clasp is just amazing. And her generosity in the amount of beads she has sent is quite humbling. I don't think I sent her enough!

But she says she likes it and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what she creates from it.

Just look at what I have to play with, so many different colours and media!

Read what Susan thinks of my soup.

And now I can reveal the soup I sent too!

It includes:
- A selection of pearl and shell beads in Yellow, Orange, Green and Red.
- A small selection of Felt beads that I made using the technique felt artisan Eve Marshall taught me.
- A selection of pewter and Tibetan Silver beads
- Yellow Organza ribbon.
- Kumihimo braid made with Chinese silk cord.
- Tibetan Silver Clasp.
- Handmade Silver plated copper wire flowers.
- Tree of Life focal piece made with freshwater pearls and silver plated copper wire.

And I really can't wait to see what this mish-mash ends up as :-) I am sure it will be very very special! Watch this space people.

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  1. You sent me lots of stuff - plus, you made most of it by hand. Glad you like everything.


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