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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tidying Up or This?

In my world THIS will win every time!

I started out with very good intentions of tidying up my making table today. It is in a mess. And no I have no intention of taking a photo to show you my mess! It was going very well... Found a few orphan beads and pearls, a cab I thought I had lost, bits of wire...

Actually it was LOTS of bits of wire. I cut it too short, or bend it the wrong way, or it gets kinks I don't need so I put it aside on my board for doing something at a later date.

So I made these earrings.

Tidying up is soooo over-rated!


  1. I don't even think anyone does tidy up, do they?? love the earrings. have a great weekend.

  2. Ha Ha Ha Mischelle, you are right of course!
    I occasionally have these "senior moments". Luckily they are rare and don't last very long!
    Thanks! I am at a show tomorrow and really looking forward to it.
    Enjoy your week-end :-)

  3. How can you tidy up when you are surrounded by your jewellery making stuff.
    These earrings are lovely, and I think sometimes the best designs are made when tiding up as looking at things in a different way sparks the imagination.
    I know that some of my best jewellery designs are made when rummaging through my bead boxes.
    If this is the jewellery you are making while tiding up I say keep on tidying.

    1. :-) Thanks!
      That's why I think tidying up is over-rated. Let there be beads, beads and more beads and lots of wire. Something good always comes out of the chaos that is my jewellery board.


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