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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Felt Beads and Wire... It Works!

I have new toys! Needle and wet felted beads :-)

Few weeks ago Felt Artisan Eve Marshall gave me a couple of red wet felted beads and said "see if you can make something with it".

I mainly work with gemstone beads, rocks, pearls and wire. So this was a completely new medium and I will be honest that initially I thought yeah lets try something but not sure if this will be my thing. Don't get me wrong, they were gorgeous beads but I don't work with fabric type stuff. Wool doesn't like me and yarn hates me. Why would felt be any different?
Anyway... I brought the lovely deep red wet felted beads home. They were round so I hammered them into discs and made a pair of earrings. And I was surprised at how nice they looked! So cool that they are mine now! I have been wearing them a lot. Lightweight and pretty, and of course RED!

Eve also gave me a lovely purple and blue bead. As a thank you present for being such a good friend I made a little flower brooch for her with the bead in the middle. Eve said she liked it a lot! And some people who saw Eve wearing it at the Oakham Castle Craft show said it was very pretty. I was pleased that she liked it. But that was really it...

No it wasn't! While at the Oakham Castle show Eve made a lovely needle bead for me. And that's where the idea of making a new range of Flower brooches with a felt heart was born. This yellow spotted beauty is the first one I have made and it is listed in my online shop. I made this brooch with Silver plated and pink coloured copper wire and it looks a bit good even if I say so myself...

So I placed an order for more beads which arrived yesterday! I had basically said to Eve surprise me and she has! Pleasantly! I really like the felt beads in the picture above and am really looking forward to putting out a whole new range of wire brooches with felt beads. Watch this space!

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