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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wendy Came For a Visit Today

Wendy Who?

She is a jewellery designer friend and a lovely lady. If you have not seen it before this is her website: Wendy McLean Jewellery.


The reason I think this is worth a mention is because I found it so refreshing to sit down with a fellow jewellery maker and discuss all kinds including website design, publicising our work, fairs, bespoke orders and stuff in general.

We both work in the same industry, and in some ways a VERY similar field because we both make wire jewellery but we can talk about it and even share supplier information occasionally and feel good about it.

Just wanted to say it...

And of course always a bonus that she is a dog lover and Bullet and Millie enjoyed the visit too. She talks in a tone of voice they understand. I would love to meet her dog sometime if possible as I am sure we would get on well. I have a special soft spot reserved for German Shepherds :-)

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