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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Its Charity Tuesday on Twitter. There are Charities like and The British Red Cross, Help For Heroes, Dogs Trust and various others and they are great causes to support and help.

Then there is being Charitable. In my opinion being charitable does not just mean donating money to a Charity. Being charitable is being kind, understanding, co-operative and showing respect and empathy towards others. They don't necessarily have to be less fortunate people than you... just people like you and me working hard at whatever it is that they do.

I am increasingly finding that the charitable spirit is disappearing amongst a lot of people I come across. We are increasing becoming a society of "I want" but "I can't be bothered giving back unless there is something in it for me" Selfish? Stressed? Too Busy? I don't know. But I just find it very sad.

Monday, 29 November 2010


Yes I know, we are all talking about THE SNOW! And so we should be! Because it is being a nuisance for artisans doing the craft fairs at the moment. It made a real hash of the week-end for a lot of my friends at craft fairs!

Its only snow, comes every winter and we should be prepared for it. Yes that's fine! But when you have to travel across narrow country roads which no one remembers to grit and salt it does change your thinking a little. I am brave enough to venture out on proper roads to go into Stamford, Peterborough or Grantham and most people should. The roads are fine and if you use common sense and caution you should be safe on the road. However when it comes to going to a country house in the middle of nowhere I would think twice too!

So where is all this leading to?

I was at The British Red Cross Christmas Prelude in Tolethorpe yesterday. Its a beautiful place. Except that when the roads are icy getting to it is SCARY! We went along Little Casterton road at 8.30 in the morning, got to the T-Junction for Toll Bar / Little Casterton and it was Skid Fest. The wheels just would not grip. Anyway... Dave managed to keep calm and we did eventually make it to The Gate House. We were the first ones there! The organisers had not made it and we did think if we should stay or go. Well, we stayed, after all we were already there! Everyone arrived eventually braving the crazy skating rink roads and we set up. It was cosy and pretty inside. However no one came :-( Not many anyway... and I DO NOT blame them at all for staying away. The conditions were not friendly.

I still had an OK day of selling but if the weather had been kind it could have been one of the best fairs I have ever done! I believe it was really busy at this event last year. Oh well... what ifs don't help do they? It was for a good cause and I am glad I went and I cannot blame the organisers for people not coming. It was the weather! I know how it feels when stall holders moan at you even though you did everything you could to promote the event. There was Music, Hot Drinks, Mince Pies (and Apple Pies) and fabulous stall holders.

So Snow, much as I think you are pretty and fun, can you please go on holiday at least until Christmas? Us crafters have Christmas Markets to attend and we want people to come to them instead of just going to the big shopping malls. We have worked hard to create our unique pieces and we do need to sell them!

And no Slade on the radio yet. Or "Fairy Tale of New York". That's just not on! Its almost Christmas! Do come on! And NO I don't want you to play "Let it Snow" just yet!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It's Christmas!

Or is it?... Its never Christmas until Slade is played and Noddy Holder's "It's Christmas" rings out over radio 2. I may have missed it but I have not heard it yet! So come on BBC where is my song?

In every other way the Christmas madness is here. I should know! I have been at numerous craft fairs already with our jewellery and wire sculpture trees. I am sure most makers and designers are doing the same. Week-ends are not a time to relax any more, most evenings there are little Village hall and school fund-raising events happening and the bespoke gift orders are coming in too! It's all Go! Go! Go! and I am loving it :-)

In the last couple of weeks I have had a lot of interest in my freshwater Pearl strings and other jewellery. Here are some examples which would (I hope!) bring a smile to a lucky girl's face on Christmas morning...

Amethyst Tumble-stone Pendant with 14/20 Gold Filled Wire

Turquoise and Tibetan Silver necklace on Hemp Cord

Freshwater Pearls String

Indian Agate with Antique gold finish beads on hemp

Freshwater Pearls and Antique Gold finish beads memory wire coil bracelet.

More Jewellery like this and various other designs available in my on-line showroom - All items sent by Royal mail recorded delivery, get your orders in soon in time for a Christmas Delivery!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Sibson Inn Christmas Fayre almost here!

It would be great to see you at the Sibson Inn Christmas Fair. Obviously I am there but I can promise you a few other fabulous Artisans too!

Stamford Lapidary /Greensleaves Florist / Rutland Colorways /Krafty Kats / Gianni Deidda / Yellow Rose Designs / Amore Bears / Hand-made By Helen / Alan Moir / Victoria George

Really Looking forward to it, I know the company will be good and the fantastic Owners and Manager of Sibson Inn Hotel just make every visit there so pleasant and enjoyable :-)