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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Rutilated Quartz Cabochon Pendant

I've talked about the Cabochons I made in some of my earlier posts. Here is a Pendant I made from one of my cabs.

What is special about this pendant is that I was responsible for every step involved in creating the Cabochon. First I cut the rough piece of Rutilated Quartz on the rock saw then shaped it on our Home Made Cabochon machine. Once the stone had been through the process of shaping it was put through various stages on the silicone carbide belts to smooth the surface and finally polished on the polishing wheel using cerium oxide polish. The cabochon I made was pretty special, if I may say so myself :-) No marks, fractures or rough bits and it took a mirror like polish. Woo Hoo!

So the cabochon is ready. What next? Of course I had to get it wire-wrapped as quickly as I could, before Dave kidnapped it for one of his jewellery pieces (Ha Ha). I was not going to let him have this one! Yes I know he has done some very special work on his Labradorite cabochons and made spectacular pendants, but this one was mine! I made this Cabochon and I had to wrap it and create a pendant.

I have used 18 gauge 14/20 gold filled wire to wrap this pendant in a very simple style which shows off the fantastic gold streaks running through the stone.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Greensleaves Florist…. All About Gorgeous Flowers!

It’s almost a year today since I first met Amanda Clarke who runs Greensleaves Florist in Stamford. And what a fantastic meeting that was! I made a friend.

Amanda is an independent florist with years of experience about flowers and floristry. Her flower arrangements are just beautiful. What amazes me about Amanda is the passion she has for flowers and how much of her special touch she puts into each arrangement whether it’s a little posy or a big Wedding order.

Amanda has a beautiful shop at the Stamford Garden Centre in Great Casterton and what a shop it is! You walk in and everything is so beautifully displayed, the shop just makes you feel so welcome. The fresh flower arrangements are really fresh and the silk displays so pretty. All created by Amanda.

There is even a private little room where you can discuss your requirements of flowers for your Wedding Day, Birthday Party or that very sombre moment when you have to go in and discuss wreaths and tributes because a loved one has passed away and you have a funeral to organise. At Greensleaves Florist Amanda Clarke will sit down with you and discuss what you want. It’s about your arrangements. Greensleaves Florist only use top quality grade 'A' flowers to give you perfect flower arrangements every time.

Greensleaves Florist in Stamford will personally deliver fresh flowers in Stamford and the surrounding area. But that’s not all! Greensleaves caters for National & Worldwide Distribution of Fresh Flowers.
And Greensleaves Florists support “Help For Heroes”

So next time you are looking for flowers for an Anniversary or Birthday or need to send flowers to a new mum, someone who is not feeling very well, or just to brighten up your living room, give Greensleaves Florist a Call or visit the shop.

Greensleaves Florist
Stamford Garden Centre
Great Casterton

And if you are not in Stamford area visit the online shop - http://www.greensleavesflorist.co.uk

And before I finish I have to tell you this…. Earlier this year we had some shocking news when a very dear friend suddenly passed away. I called Amanda and just told her we wanted a floral tribute for “SARGE” and that he was a Manchester City Football Club supporter. What she created took my breath away! It was the most beautiful Tribute I have ever seen in blue and white with a little bit of gold/yellow. Perfect! And it wasn’t just the Sarge tribute. Amanda organised all the flowers for the funeral and took into account every little request from the family, especially Ray’s grand children. Thank you Amanda for arranging things so nicely at such short notice and opening your shop at 7.30 in the morning so we could collect everything and get to the funeral in time.

That’s what makes Greensleaves Florist so special, Amanda goes the extra mile to make sure every flower is right and the attention to detail is exceptional.

Oh and one more thing…. Jewellery by Shalini is on display exclusively at Greensleaves Florist at this time, so next time you visit do have a look :-)