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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Labradorite! Lots of it!

Its been a while since I posted here.... been a busy few months with motorhome enquiries picking up. But even more important - the weather has improved and I am spending more and more time in our little workshop having fun with Rocks.
At the moment the two hot favourites are Flint and Labradorite.
I'll talk about the Flint later.....

Labradorite - one word - WOW! This is the most beautiful Semi Precious stone I have ever seen! I love Rose Quartz and Carnelian but Labradorite is a whole different world. I could spend hours and hours just looking at it from different angles to try and find the flashes (known as Labradorescence) of Blue, Gold and Green that show up when the stone is held at a certain angle and the light is right. In fact I have spent so much time admiring the stone that I have not made any jewellery from it yet!

Dave has made some beautiful Labradorite Cabochons:

And he wrapped a couple of them in Sterling Silver Wire and made these beautiful Pendants. I think I have got serious competition here. Well... he can make the Cabs and Wrap them and I will just sit here and admire the beautiful stone and jewellery. Time to take early retirement maybe?



  1. There are a couple of golden Labradorite cabs ready for you to wrap, retirement, forget that Lady!


  2. Golden Lab? Where? Does it come with a lead?

  3. These are beautiful, where can I buy?

  4. Thank you Jenny. You can visit my online showroom - www.jewellerybyshalini.co.uk

    If there is a particular piece here that you would like to buy and its not listed in the online showroom do send me a message and I will get it listed (if its still available).

  5. so beautiful....I like the stone.nice blog you have...very unique.pls vi$it me back...I'll give my $mile for you.....have a nice week


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