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From Thunder Bay to Stamford to Thunder Bay

Exciting couple of days as Our Thunderbay Crystals tweet was picked up by a radio station in Thunder Bay Canada and they got in touch for a brief interview with Mr A :-)

Thunder Bay Rocks!
Coveted crystals. We'll find out why a shopowner in Stamford, Lincolnshire is importing Thunder Bay amethyst. Dave Austin and his wife Shalini, own Stamford Lapidary

Bead Peeps

A new group has recently started on Facebook for Beaders and Jewellery Artists. Its called Bead Peeps. Fabulous place for like minded artists and designers to have a chat, exchange ideas and share their creativity.

If you are a jewellery maker do come and join us!

This is the first Header image for the group and guess what! My Lapis Lazuli Flower necklace is on it! Thank you Linda & Hannah for including my design on the first ever Bead Peeps Cover Photo :-)