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Wire Sculpture Fairy

This is the Fairy I made for the Stamford Artisans Guild charity exhibition. I think I will make another one soon...

More about this here here: A Fairy Tale Ending! - Jewellery By Shalini:

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop Reveal

So its time to reveal what I have been hoarding. Well this does not even touch the surface of things I have stashed away but its a start!

Let me begin by introducing fellow Stamford Artisans Guild member DL Designs of Rutland. Diz makes the most amazing jewellery, charms and lanyards in different types of cords and threads and I admire her work a lot. So about two years ago I bought a handmade hemp macramé cording knot necklace from DL Designs. And then I promptly put it in safe keeping because I wanted to make something special with it. And I have been hoarding it all this time.

I also had a beautiful Labradorite Cabochon cut and polished in house in our Lapidary workshop. This beautiful stone has a magnificent Labradorescence and I have had it on my board for almost 6 months! Because of the angle its been cut at it needed a special wrap on it for the colours to be seen in full glory. I have wrapped it a couple of times and then taken the wire off because the Labradorescence was hi…