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A new Diamond Cabochon machine – conclusion | Rough Rocks, Minerals & Crystals

Back Online

It's been an interesting couple of days with the internet playing up. Before that my emails were giving some trouble and then this morning the fax died! Hopefully what they say is true and these things come in three!

Between last night and today its all been sorted thanks to Dave, Nathan and Dean but not a lot of work got done! Very frustrating but I think its good they all happened together so there has been less disruption. Hopefully now I can get back to sorting out my online shop again and have it up ASAP. Yes I already have an online shop but the software has been updated again and its messing things up. So I have found a new shopping cart solution which I quite like :-)

Oh Well since at the moment jewellery making is more or less on hold I may as well catch up on other stuff...