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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Isn't Twitter great?

You get to meet some fantastic people on it!

I joined twitter long before it was "cool" and remember getting really excited when anyone followed me! Well over the years I have learned that there are some rather nasty, rude and silly people out there who are not worth my time and I am more careful about who I follow and who I block.

These days looks like everyone has a twitter account and some of those who do really have no idea of how to use the internet and especially a public platform like twitter in a responsible way! I am not going to go into specifics but I do see a lot of nonsense posted on twitter and have encountered a few keyboard warriors who are an embarrassment to humankind!

BUT  for each one of these morons there are a 100 good guys and gals who are a pleasure to know.  I am happy to say I have met really lovely people on it, some I knew before and twitter has just given us another way of sharing information or occasionally having a laugh. Some I made the effort to meet face to face after I got to know them on twitter. Some I have never met but just enjoy talking to and reading what they have to say and hope they like what I have to say too.

Ok this is one of those random posts with no particular motive. I  wrote it because I felt like it!

OR maybe its a follow up of a post I wrote on my other blog

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Mending Shop, Peterborough

Came across this on Facebook and I have posted it on Stamford Artisans Guild website. What a good initiative! Please feel free to share this :-)

"A pop-up shop in Peterborough for DIY mending, tea and cake, devised by the women menders of HMP Peterborough with Futuremenders. Mar 30 - Apr 5 2012"

The Mending Shop, Peterborough:

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Winter's back!

Brrr! Bit chilly today. (Update 14:03) Its Snowing!

This is the best plan for the rest of the day I think!  Light a fire and play with wire.

I have to get a few more bracelets finished for the SKDC Tourist Information shop at the Stamford Arts Centre. Mary the shop manager has asked for new stock :-)