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Decorative Swirls Design Embossed Brass Cuff

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Embossed Brass Cuff DECORATIVE SWIRLS Pattern - The lovely swirl design has been printed on brass sheet using a rolling mill.


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Etched Anticlastic Copper Cuff with SCRATCHED Pattern

Etched Anticlastic Copper Cuff with SCRATCHED Pattern

Copper Sculptures Jewellery and Gifts by Shalini Austin - Metalsmith

Individually handcrafted patterned copper cuff bracelet with antique patina.
Copper blank for this cuff was cut from sheet copper, I then added a scratched lines pattern to it and put it into a Ferric Chloride solution to etch the pattern.

Red & Black Copper Circle Earrings

Copper Circle Earrings enamelled Red & Black made from dainty Copper Washers by coppersmith Jewellery maker Shalini Austin in Stamford.

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ESC Artists Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre - a-n The Artists Information Company

Upcycled Air-chased Copper Cuff LUNAR 8

One-Off Upcycled Unisex Air-chased Copper Cuff LUNAR by Shalini Austin, Metalsmith handcrafted in Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK.

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