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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope it is a wonderful year for you!

2012 had its ups and downs and at times it felt like downs were bigger than the ups but that is life. What matters is that We are still here!

The thing that personally affected me most in 2012 was Bullet. Sending our beautiful boy for his final sleep on 15 September will just be one of the worst days of my life. He gave us his love unconditionally from the first day we brought him home from the Rescue Centre near Wittering 11 years ago. He was around 14 and I think we did the right thing for him but it hurt a lot!


There are a lot of good things that happened too!

Taj is the newest member of our family. We brought him home from the Animal Helpline Dog Rescue  (same place where Bullet and Millie were found) on 23rd December and he has been an absolute joy. He is settling in nicely and Millie does not seem too bothered by him. I am hoping they will become good friends as time goes by. He has only been here a few days! He does not even know his name properly yet! And he needs building up a lot. He is very very thin but otherwise healthy.

Things have been good on the jewellery front! I have had a lot more bespoke work coming my way which is such an honour. It feels good to know that my work (and Mr A's) is being appreciated. Sales have been good at the various craft shows in 2012 and I am buzzing with more ideas!

I am also working on getting the Motorhome business back on track again after a couple of very quiet years (Thanks Mr Banker and Mr Government and Mr Market Forces!) I know that it will take years to get it back to the level it was pre 2008 because of reasons beyond our control. But that does not mean I should suddenly write off the hard work Dave and I put in.

So 2013, Welcome! I am looking forward to dealing with whatever you have planned for me good and bad! Bring it on!

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