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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I found Zolanta! No... Actually Zolanta found me.

About a week ago I had a new follower on Twitter called Zolanta. I immediately clicked on their profile to see who they were and it took me to this on-line marketplace I had never seen before. Because I am always looking for new places to display my jewellery I checked it out. The fees looked reasonable.

I asked one of my Twitter friends anniemcc who also sells on Zolanta about this marketplace and she said she liked it, so decided to join.

Then I started listing there. It took a little while to figure it all out but I got there in the end. There is a very helpful forum on Zolanta and they are always ready to help and advise which makes life so much easier. So there I was listing away.... Then I decided to go back and check what I had listed and to my surprise I could not see two of the items. I got worried, was about to go to the forum to shout HELP! when the inbox went "ting" like it does when there is mail. I had sold them! That is why I could not see the Turquoise earrings and the Pink Pearl Bracelet on the listing, because they were sold!

What a start! And that made my decision to open a store there and put lots more jewellery for sale. I have since sold more and I do have a good feeling about Zolanta. Its simple, not overcrowded with a lot of junk stuff and the other sellers are lovely, like-minded people.

Well Done the Zolanta team for creating such a user friendly platform!

Come and have a look at my Zolanta Store!


  1. Terrific !!!
    It must be so satisfying to see your handcrafted items being bought by others. A special feeling, no doubt.

    Keep at it, Shalini. You deserve to and will sell more.

  2. Thank you Raja :-) It is indeed a special sense of satisfaction when I sell one of my pieces because I know it makes someone very happy.


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